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{Saturday, May 03, 2003}

Inspirational (and kinda gross) Story of Survival in the Wild

As I was preparing for a surgery I have to have tomorrow, and feeling really harried, inconvenienced and generally sorry for myself, I stopped to check my mail and found this from my brother. I now find I'm approaching my piddly procedure with relative insouciance. I must say I disagree with the semantics of calling this guy a "warrior," but I think he can safely claim to have replaced his missing arm with an extra cojone or two: Rescuer: Climber Who Amputated Arm Had No Choice

posted by Celia 12:52 AM

{Tuesday, April 29, 2003}

...or "Ee dat cat burgler?"

Speaking of cats, my friend MC sent me this anecdote, and the accompanying photo. Some people have expressed scepticism over this story, but hey, she seems to have the evidence to back it up.

"Last Saturday night I heard a noise coming from the back of the house.I got out of bed to investigate and caught a cat burglar that had been making the rounds of the neighborhood. Needless to say, his breaking and entering days are over." ......mc
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Ee Dat Kee?

This story is typical of nearly-two-year-old G's progress and my dazzling ineptitude in keeping up. Fortunately, as this episode illustrates, she is learning to adapt to my disabilities.

This evening on our walk, we had been naming and discussing all that we saw ("See that bird? Look at that tree! Hey, an airplane! See the flowers?" and other philosophical musings), when G fell silent for a while. It was getting dark and we were on the leg back home passing back the way we had come, when suddenly she said, "Ee dat kee?"

"Ee dat kee?" I inquired, craftily playing for time. "Ee dat kee, ee dat kee!?" she insisted. "Ee dat kee?" I parroted again, mentally inserting and discarding consonants. "Keeee, KEEE-EE," she enunciated. "Keeee?" I repeated stupidly. "Yeah, kee, kee, KEEE-ee," responded my little linquist. This went on for an embarrassingly long time. "I'm sorry, honey, I just don't know what you're saying," I admitted, defeated once again by Toddlerese. She thought a minute, then said, real slowly, "Keeeeee. Keeeee. Me-ow- me-ow! Kee-ee! Ee dat kee?"

"See that kitty?" Well, sure. (And in fact, we had passed the exact spot where we had seen a cat and talked about it, half an hour before. Either she remembered, or saw it again, and I missed it---we were a mile away by then, who knows? There is no overestimating my lack of with-it-ness.) I dread the day when she learns to say, "Duh."

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