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{Friday, May 16, 2003}

Little Pitcher-esque

Taken in a split second during which food was not being consumed.
posted by Celia 2:31 PM

{Thursday, May 15, 2003}

Big Dragon is Watching You

The Chinese government strikes another blow for fascism. Things like this really piss me off.
posted by Celia 1:21 PM

{Wednesday, May 14, 2003}

Time to Kill All These Flies

Sorry things have been a little dead around here lately. But I'm back, machete---and flyswatter---out, and will try to keep the flies (mostly) away, from here out.

Another stunning parental insight today: Kids learn fast.

The same infant who, a coupla weeks ago, was speaking in tongues, today said to me---after I retrieved the ball she'd just pitched out the car door (for nothing more than the pure pleasure of watching me scramble for it, I assumed)--- "Thank you for my ball, Mama."

Given the look that was undoubtedly on my face when I crawled back in our auto (and the asphalt burns on my hands and knees), she's not only figured out the whole enunciation thing in less time than it took me to do my taxes, but has taken to heart the basic tenets of diplomacy.

posted by Celia 5:57 PM


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