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{Wednesday, August 13, 2003}

The Birds and the Bees....and the Bills and the Bulls**t.....

Just to let y'all know I haven't just been slacking (except on my blog), here's what's shakin': I've been working from home at a variety of things, and am still ramping up. I've got pregnant, against all odds and at a great expense of time, pain, and money...ack! My mom is all settled in, but still has things to do, like get her drivers' license, more furniture, etc. G is discovering the joys of being babysat....luckily by her doting Nana, instead of in daycare, but still....

So! I am looking forward to a little down time this weekend, to visit everyone's blogs and catch up on what's happening in your lives! I plan to be well-organized and have special time set aside for blogging, exercise and "me" time----by about 2023. I figure that's a realistic goal!

Everyone, please hope, pray, and cross any spare appendages until we get this new baby here. No, scratch that---until we get him/her through college!

Hugs to everyone!
posted by Celia 4:55 PM


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